North Africa & Middle East


For millennia, the region has enthralled visitors and ancient civilisations have come and gone. Crusaders, invaders, explorers and philosophers have all left their mark on these desert lands and the legacy is observed in the extraordinary monuments and diverse cultures which remain today. From the colourful souks of Morocco to Egypt’s mysterious pyramids, the Biblical sites of Israel and the ancient attractions of Jordan, the forts of Oman and the glittering metropolis of Dubai – all are destinations that dazzle and dwarf the modern-day traveller.

Experience Counts

Vassa Holidays Pvt Ltd specialises in luxury travel for discerning guests. For over 30 years, Vassa Holidays has been delivering outstanding journeys to Egypt. The company has nine offices in the country and also in Jordan and Morocco ensuring Vassa Holidays Pvt Ltd’s pre-eminence in the region. We can also claim the most highly-educated Egyptologists, unique Insider Access opportunities and the finest cruise boats on the Nile.